Monday, January 05, 2015

~Where, Why And How Long?~

Transmission 315

Not here, there, a house or city - and certainly not in the grey, which is nowhere at all. It's not  a request or a command, a plea or choice, a question or answer. It's what you do when you are honest, rich with self-worth and value integrity.  No one should be where they do not want to be, for then each precious day is wasted; where they are unhappy, which makes their wounds self-inflicted; or where they are demanded to be by others, which reduces them to being a voluntary prisoner. A desired place in life does not not negate responsibilities, dedication or devotion - it increases the ability to fulfill them. One belongs not where you were before, but where you say you want to be to yourself and those that you ask to Believe in you now and in the future. Most importantly, you do it so your soul is able to escape complacency and rise towards ultimate potential and unrealized dreams  - which I believe is the supreme challenge and goal in life! 

Stay with Jellyfish, Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs, Son Lux, David Bowie, Al Green, Funkadelic, Sly & The Family Stone, American Blues, Eddie Boyd, The Clash, Babyshambles, Talking Heads, Bill Nelson's Red Noise, Chris Spedding, Love, Nirvana and The Meters!

T315 is a 148mb 320k mp3 1:05:03 in length made loud to be played louder! 

"loving you whether life is good or bad or happy or sad"


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