Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Transmission 15307

Ginger Baker's unique vocal style and drumming technique highlight our opening tunes from Cream and Fela Ransome - Kuti & Africa '70. Then it's off to Germany with Achim Reichel & Machines and the great forgotten US band Cartoon. Bedlum ensues with music from the short lived 1973 band and it's drummer Cozy Powell* followed by ex-E Street keyboardist David Sancious who also shines on stinging guitar and an explosive ending with The Stones, The Runaways and Spoon. The fuse is lit!

T15307 is 58.2MB 128k mp3 1:03:39 in length made loud to be played loud!

"you say you love me madly, then why do you treat me badly"


*After the show I kept thinking about Cozy Powell and my comment that he's been around for a long time. Sure enough, after a long and impressive career, Cozy unfortunately passed away on April 5, 1998. I guess my brain did not want to digest that fact at the time. Visit for more information about this great late musician!


EB said...

Dave I had my son record the show on my DVR would have loved to have seen FACES Ronny Wood was in another world during that show. WOW!


I,m glad you got to see it!

Faces has alays been a favorite!


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