Friday, May 27, 2011


The Mayor: I don't want any more trouble like you had last year in the Fillmore district. Understand? That's my policy.

Harry Callahan: Yeah, well, when an adult male is chasing a female with intent to commit rape, I shoot the bastard. That's my policy.

The Mayor: Intent? How did you establish that?

Harry Callahan: When a naked man is chasing a woman through an alley with a butcher knife and a hard-on, I figure he isn't out collecting for the Red Cross.

Since I have publicly published my efforts to fight back against the injustice of an entity like our Ebay Wise to do me harm and cause me stress, I have come to the attention of many people that support my methods, others that do not and still others that are vacillating between both camps. I appreciate the feedback and take any and all criticism with an objective mind - but I do not respond well to demands - especially those made by people who hide behind aliases.

I am Dave Wohlman. My blog is called Radio Free Wohlman. My email address is posted on this blog. A simple search will uncover my address. You can use that information to get an aerial picture of my house, a copy of my wedding certificate or a long list of other available information about me. That is the world we live in - like or hate it. The point is I am available and answer to my own name.

I spent a long while last night replying to one of my commenter's, but thought it very important that I put it on the front page for all to see - rather than tuck it away in the comment section. You can read their thoughts there if you would like - here are mine:

Many of the points you have made are convincing and many are not.

Your assumptions and statement are opinions much less based on facts than my speculations - which are based on solid association and obvious possible motive.

My naming this person or anyone else on this blog who has a proven history of utilizing a DMCA complaint and a potential connection is not illegal, unethical or immoral in any way.

It certainly has nothing in common with an entity that files scores of unauthorized legal forms and commits perjury in doing so.

In all forms of effective journalism, investigation and law enforcement, suspected wrong-doers are identified and scrutinized. The innocent have nothing to fear, prove that innocence and clear their name. Sometimes you have to play hardball to eliminate the innocent and weed out the guilty.

If this person would care to communicate with me and/or it is proven to me that they are not involved in the described activity, I will use my platform to declare my findings just as clearly as I stated my suspicions.

I stand behind my statements - especially in the described environment we are faced with. One in which accused people are penalized prior to their ability to explain to, defend against or even determine the name of their accuser.

I did indeed edit my earlier post and it was in-part because of your contribution. I asked for the RFW Family's thoughts on the matter because I do indeed respect dialogue from you and others with perspectives of their own. But I have no obligation other than to consume the information and opinions and decide if all, some or none of it will be adopted by me.

You obviously enjoy writing and seem to be articulate, intelligent and passionate - so if you feel so strongly - rather than commenting on my blog as an Anonymous One, start your own blog, use your actual name and stand behind the principles that you believe are right.

My goal is not to be your or any one's hero. Nor did I aspire to start a crusade. I enjoy creating my RFW Transmissions. This came to me unsolicited and unwanted. I will comply with any authorized complaint, be 100% transparent and continue to speak from my heart!

I appreciate your participation in this forum and wish you the best.

Dave RFW


Reggie said...

Nice. I thought the semi-menacing "I know everything about you" tack from the ego-inflated self-righteous "Anonymous One" was not particularly effective in making his/her/he-she?'s point, but rather just made them look like an asshole.

Radio Free Wohlman said...

Hi Reggie,

Thanks for the support.

Need I say anything else other than I find it very humorous that very few but some of the RFW comments automatically go to Spam.

Somtimes Blogger does get it right.

Back to the music!

Dave RFW

Kwai Chang said...

Hello Dave!
Then can you be my anti-hero?
I am grateful for your efforts and for including everyone in this all-too-important issue. What happened to you just doesn't make sense to me...I am very curious to know how entities like ebay can be so thorough as to have profiles/ratings on every vendor/customer/bidder and yet 'ebay-wise' is allowed to commit fraud in an undampered way in the Blogger domain...
If this is a real person doing this, then why are they targeting podcasts that contain so little violation? Wouldn't any good samaritan go for complete albums? Don't they stand to be the only fish worth frying?
I can't make sense of this as it stands...but my curiosity may soon become obsession.
Anyway, I am glad to see you persevere and that your love of music cannot be allowed to suffer by daily headaches of free living.
I'll be back...
Thanks again, Dave...we are with you.

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