Tuesday, May 24, 2011


An open letter to Google, Blogger, the entity known as Ebay Wise and all of the
Radio Free Wohlman Family

We have now been served with another underserved and unauthorized DMCA complaint
(our second in two consecutive weeks).

Upon further investigation, the entity who goes by Ebay Wise who has has most recently submitted two DMCA complaints against Radio Free Wohlman on behalf of Varese Sarabande Records is unknown by the the Vice President of Sales of Varese Sarabande - Byron Davis (who was a very understanding and helpful).

Ebay Wise has made 37 DMCA complaints against various blogs on behalf of Varese Sarabande since January of 2010, none of which were authorized by Varese Sarabande.

By the detailed comments made in the various DMCA complaints http://www.chillingeffects.org/dmca512c/search.cgi - it is obvious that this person (Ebay Wise) is on some type of a self-empowered mission.

The fact of the matter is that this person is not the copyright owner, nor are they authorized to represent Varese Sarbande.

Mr. Davis at Varese Sarabande will explain this to Google/Blogger if someone would reach out to him.

In the meantime, what tools do I and Varese Sarabande have at our disposal to initiate an investigation into the identity of Ebay Wise and to discredit all future DMCA complaints from this person as being illegal and unauthorized?

It would seem that the complaint must contain contact information - is it not feasible to make contact to substantiate this persons validity?

The law must work both ways - how do I complain against the complaintant? Should not this person be exposed as being involved in the serious illegal offense of perjury?

I appreciate the blog space and great system that Blogger has set up and I will do anything to be in compliance of any authorized DMCA complaint - but the process is being manipulated by Ebay Wise and who knows how many others on a self-righteous quest.

Now is the time to step up - please help in any way you can!



Anonymous said...

I assume that you've also sent this to Google as well as making it an open letter.

I was unable to locate an eBay user with that tag although I suspect that all of this free trade has ruined someone's business in used (and vastly overpriced) CDs.

Likewise Google did not turn up any residue from someone using that name. It would be helpful if we could turn 4chan against this person but they resolutely refuse to take up anyone's battles but their own. Nevertheless, they can find anyone and you can take it from there.

Radio Free Wohlman said...


Thanks for the time you have put in trying to unravel the mystery and irritant that is Ebay Wise.

I have indeed sent this to Google/Blogger and I have updated Varese Sarabande.

Keep in touch,

Dave RFW

Jerry Orbach said...

This is utterly ridiculous. Oops, maybe I should say that, lest I incur the wrath of this fella. Hope you're able to get this guy otherwise I might need to come out of retirement/death and solve this case.

Kwai Chang said...

How non-mysterious that something like ebay can maintain complete status profiles regarding venders/buyers(?)...but DMCA isn't able to do anything on bogus complainers...
This is supposed to encourage cooperation???
That's Think Tank Failure...and nothing more...

Willard's Wormholes said...

Nice work, Dave.

Radio Free Wohlman said...

Thanks to all - I apprciate the support!

Dave RFW

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