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After receiving the first DMCA complaint in RFW's four year history, I thought long and hard about why I take the time out of my already very busy life to run Radio Free Wohlman. It does not matter that the complaint seems to be bogus. The very fact that there is a process in place which any person with too much time on their hands or misguided wisdom can utilize to cause the removal of one of my Transmissions is unthinkable.

Looking back at the amazing foresight of our forefathers, America was based on a number of guaranteed freedoms - which includes freedom of the press. Through time, fear has always been the stimulus that dictates censorship:

 - books will take away our ability to talk
 - theater will take away our ability to read books
 - movies will take away our ability to enjoy theater
 - television will keep people out of the movie theaters
 - video tapes will stop people from watching network television
 - cable/satellite television will drive people away from networks
 - dvd's will take people out of video stores
 - movie backup software will stop people from buying dvd's

The same hysteria applies to music:

- professional musicians will eliminate family sing-alongs
- radio and records will kill the live music business
- tape recorders will destroy the radio and record industries
- cd recorders will eliminate cassette production
- mp3s will replace compact discs

The fact of the matter is that like in nature, it is a world in which only the strongest species survive. Badly managed/priced companies and products, along with antiquated technology is replaced by advancement. Products are abandoned for new services. People are either jubilant about the progress or nostalgic for good-old-days-when....

The people most vocal about the change are usually those that stand to lose money. Greed is what gives birth to this particular form of fear and that in-turn creates the mechanics of censorship.

I, like a majority of music blog producers, love music. Radio Free Wohlman is a labor of love dedicated to expressing that love, exposing these artists and stimulating sales for them in any way I can. The day that artists, record companies, publishing companies, internet companies, or the government interferes with our ability to play each other music by whatever means are available is the day the music officially dies.

To legislate to silence , retaliate against and designate as offenders, bloggers - who are among the most effective promoters of these same artists and therefore a very valuable tool for these companies to make their desired dollar - is not only wrong it is downright stupid. And such stupidity paves the way for their rapid demise like the dinosaurs they now resemble.

If one day you visit Radio Free Wohlman and it is gone, you will know why. But I truly believe that change is inevitable and that anything worthwhile is worth fighting for. You cannot become stronger by remaining silent to injustice.

I would rather be remembered for for my past attempts to be true to my ideals, than to remain neutered by censorship.

My hope is that these words will inspire you and future generations of  innovators to not let the spark of creativity and your love for music be snuffed out by those who fear you and your ideas.

I will not shut up or shut down (without a fight)!

Dave RFW


Kwai Chang said...

Hello Dave,
That was very well written. Have politics and music/entertainment finally rediscovered each other. Most people(especially Americans) are now living within fictitious realities that allow no context for the sense of personal responsibilty that is theirs. Even worse, these 'realities' offer no task at which this responsibility may be developed. There is a 'normalcy bias' that has somehow negated the functions of the brain's hypothalamus and pineal gland...this results in the average mentality not being anything but confused/blurred/misinformed/detached regarding important things that effect them directly...but alert and in the know about who was eliminated from Dancing With My Television, the playoffs, rOYAL weddings...and all the stuff in the news, man! So nobody notices (or cares) that somehow Freedom has been traded for security...
( here we are)
...for everyone else: welcome to the party!

Radio Free Wohlman said...


Thanks for your support.

Keep in touch,

Dave RFW

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