Monday, October 30, 2006

Transmission 1006

Screaming Lord Sutch (pictured above) and his Heavy Friends hang out with a souped up and rapping Pete Townshend and John Zorn's Electric Masada during this rocking episode of Radio Free Wohlman. Young Heart Attack, Jeff Beck and Armageddon take on Califone while Red Guitars dance with Sylvian/Fripp in The House Of Love.

RFW-T1005 is a 320K 139.16 MB MP3 made loud to be played loud. Please support the artist played on Radio Free Wohlman and feel free to leave your comments, questions and suggestions..



Saturday, October 28, 2006

HAL7 - "BOO"

Halloween is a big deal at Radio Free Wohlman so today's HAL File Special brings to life this frighteningly groovy collection of all things that go bump in the night. Devils, mosters, vampires and zombies rock with witches, the dead and evil super creeps in the graveyard of your choice. From a black mass to 666 sounds from Greece, your costume party music will be the envy of your fellow trick or treaters.

HAL7 - "BOO" Part 1 is 137 MB and 1:00:00 in length.

HAL7 - "BOO" Part 2 is 143 MB and 1:02:34 in length.

Both are Megaupload 320 KBPS MP3 files made loud to be played loud.

Please give away good candy and have a safe Halloween,


Friday, October 27, 2006

Transmission 906

A surprise phone call from Garry Patz, a lifelong friend from Boston, got us talking about our old concert days. Garry and I were in the 15th row at the Boston Music Hall when Genesis performed The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway in it's entirety. So on today's edition of Radio Free Wohlman I give you live "Cage" from Peter and the band followed by some rare live Roxy Music. Tampa Red and his Hokum Jug Band from 1929 tag teams with Robin Trower to take on the soulful Grace Jones, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles. John Witherspoon knocks out a few "Pearly Whites" while M,S,M & W share a bit of chocolate with Ween. The Move brings things to a peak with a new dance craze sweeping the planet! All that and no Trans Fat!

RFW-T906 is a 320 KBPS 138.98MB MP3 1:00:43 in length. Made loud to be played loud. Your comments, questions and suggestions are always welcomed. Please support the artist played on Radio Free Wohlman.

Join us on Saturday Night for our HAL File Halloween Special!


Radio Free Wohlmen At Work

The new computer is here, wires are everywhere, the damn router doesn't work and it's been one of those days, but I finally have everything set up, the wires are all hidden and I have the problem figured out (I think)! After the range expander, a few programs and a couple other odds and ends are installed - the Radio Free Wohlman studio will at long last be completed. Check in on Friday for our next Transmission.


Thursday, October 26, 2006

Transmission 806

Remember the Chaos Theory from Jurassic Park? It proves to be alive and well at Radio Free Wohlman where the most planned show occasionally goes to pieces and a blank slate finds a natural aural path. Such is today's songfest - an organic splotch of spontaneous continuity. We get "No Tears" and "No World Order" as Nesmith and his Monkees square off against our secret teen heartthrob who stings like a "Wasp". Jarre takes a Zoolook at Orbital while Julian Cope goes down on "Pristine". The overwhelming Beatles cover is cool "She Said as Syd's Floyd get interstellar and Faust ends with "A Bit Of Pain". Jump in - the water's warm (and deep too).

RFW-T806 is a 320KBPS 147.22 MB MP3 1:00:32 in length. Made loud to be played loud. Your comments, questions and suggestions are welcomed. Please support the artists played on Radio Free Wohlman.


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Transmission 706

The bestial power of the primal beat takes Radio Free Wohlman down in it with an explosive grind compliments of Mick Karn, NIN and Jon Spencer remixed by Moby and Killer Priest. Buick MacKane x 2 gets us ready for a Detroit breakdown set with Iggy, MC5, The Damned, Detroit featuring Mitch Ryder and Grand Funk Railroad! Wow - Mark, Don & Mel - Live!

RFW-T706 is a Megaupload 320KBPS 147.22 MB MP3 1:04 19 in length. Made loud to be played loud. If you listen and like it let me know. Please support the artists played on Radio Free Wohlman and visit Detroit soon!


Monday, October 23, 2006

Transmission 606

I am a student and lover of music from around the world rather than a fan of "world music" and this Radio Free Wohlman trip to India is the perfect vehicle for that authentic and third- eye opening search within. The journey begins with Collin Walcott, Big Star, Ravi Shankar, The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, The Beatles, and Crack the Sky combining for a meditation session in a Child's Garden Of Grass. The second half of our India Suite is comprised of Shakti, Carlos Santana and The Axiom Sound System bringing us safely back from our inward exploration.

RFW-T606 is a Megaupload 320KBPS 140 MB MP3 1:02:54 in length. Made loud to be played loud! Please support the artists played on Radio Free Wohlman. Your comments, questions and suggestions are always welcomed.

May Vishnu be with you,


Sunday, October 22, 2006


There is nothing more rhythmic than the turning wheels of a speeding locomotive and with that metronomic beat in mind, I present to you the Radio Free Wohlman HAL File special. Fast trains, slow trains, dope trains, funky trains and whisky trains. We visit trains that are downtown, someone else's, lonesome and on the way westward, to Memphis and to nowhere. Rolf and Florian meet David at the station with cream and kinks for all. From Bobby and Jimi to Jah and Olivia . It all revolves around the wheel of the train as it rolls down the track.......

HAL6 is a 2 part Megaupload 320KBPS MP3. Made loud to be played loud. Please leave your comments, questions and suggestions.

Part 1 is 142.51MB and 1:02:07 in length.

Part 2 is 143.27MB and 1:02:26 in length.

Please support the artists played on Radio Free Wohlman.

Gotta go, I hear my train a coming!


Friday, October 20, 2006

Transmission 506

Things got a little rowdy during this Friday Night session of Radio Free Wohlman. Alice Cooper got into a cat fight with Jane's Addiction which resulted in Mott style mayhem! Secret Machines started the first wave followed by a punky funky set with PIL, Magazine and Sly. Things got junky with The Dictators, Stones and Marianne Faithful and Vangelis ended things with a sci-fi-noir goodbye croon. I am bruised!

RFW-T506 is a Megaupload 320KBPS 144.77MB MP3 1:03:05 in length. Made loud to be played loud. I would really appreciate your feedback and content questions.

Check in tomorrow for a Radio Free Wohlman HAL File special!


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Transmission 406

The Mars Volta storms out of the gate followed fast by a feedback chargred John Fox with Ultravox and punk entertainment from Gang Of Four. New riot music from Primal Scream, a bolt of Aereogramme lightning and a Soledad Brothers boogie keep the pace up while Sonny Sharrock, Can and Captain Beefheart take us to a calmer space. Flaming Groovies shake their thing, Robert Gorden and Link Ray get scorching hot and Frank and his Mothers bring things to a close with some freaked out trouble. What a groovy experience!

RFW-T406 is a Megaupload 320KBPS 140.76MB MP3 1:01:20 in length. Made loud to be played loud. Please feel free to leave your comments or content questions.

Please support these artists!

Back again on Friday,


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Transmission 306

The dynamics between the loud and soft have always interested me and today's show took turns in both directions! Boston's Isis, New York's Lou Reed, Italy's Art Fleury and Japan's Ryuichi Sakamoto solo and with YMO all add to the +/- decibal stew. Add equal measures of Deep Purple, John Zorn, The Sights and Keef Hartley Band and you have a perfect audio gumbo.

RFW-T306 is a Megaupload 320KBPS 139.93MB MP3 1:01:08 in length. Made loud to be played loud! Please leave your comments or content questions. Please support the artists played on Radio Free Wohlman. I hope you enjoy!

World Citizen,


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Transmission 206

I had a fun time today at my son Curtis' first grade class career day! The kids were really into radio and music, especially Cartoon Theme Songs! So included in our show is a tune by The Apples In Stereo from the Power Puff Girl Soundtrack CD! You'll also hear Phil Manzanera's 801, The Peter Dayton Band, The Bees, The Creation, Hound Dog Taylor, Blind Faith, Traffic, Human league, Schneider TM and a trip down Damnation Alley with Hawkwind.

RFW-T206 is a Megaupload 320KBPS 136.17MG MP3 59:29 in length. Made loud to be played loud. Please feel free to comment or ask content questions. If you hear something you like buy the album or see the band live.



Monday, October 16, 2006


Transmission 106

After a great weekend in the San Francisco Bay Area it was good to be back in the Radio Free Wohlman studio. Today's offering includes Golden Earring, U2, Kasabian, The Moody Blues, The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Mushroom, Muddy Waters, a visit from Chris Spedding and The Replacements as well as a Faces reunion with Ronnie Lane and Ron Wood sharing the bill.

RFW-T106 is a Megauplaod 320KBPS 141.23MB MP3 1:01:42 in length. Made loud to be played loud! I encourage comments and content questions. Please support the artists played on Radio Free Wohlman.



Thursday, October 12, 2006


Today's transmission of Radio Free Wohlman took inspiration from the incredible view of the sun over the Pacific Ocean and ran with it musically. Bookend stops in Floydland, a flash of Bill Laswell's Shine project, Robert Plant, Primal Scream, Peter Frampton and Procol Harum along with live music from Edgar Winter's White Trash and Bill Nelson's Be Bop Deluxe all add to the brilliant glow.

HAL5 is a Megaupload 320KBS 139.03MB MP3 1:00:35 in length. Made loud to be played loud! I would really enjoy any feedback or content questions.

I will be in the Bay Area this weekend for the Kasabian show in San Francisco and a visit with friends in San Jose. Radio Free Wohlman will be back strong on Monday.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Crack The Sky was poised to be America's next big band in 1975. Their debut Lifesong LP "Crack The Sky" was declared Album Of The Year by Rolling Stone and FM radio stations across the country were playing cuts off the record. Live, this band from the Ohio River Valley could stand toe to toe with anyone! A second album "Animal Notes" followed in '76 and the hype increased. In advance of the 1976 tour, Lifesong released the "authorized bootleg" "Live at WBAB" to radio stations and arranged many live broadcasts as they made their way across the country. Although guilty of a suspicious audience loop, this collectors item of live Crack The Sky is a great document of just how good a band they were. As true with many bands, they did not not achieve the success they deserved and after a third album "Safety In Numbers" without their focal point and writer John Palumbo, both fans and critics found the "next big band". A cult of Crack The Sky devotees remain, I among them.
"Live On WBAB" is a 128KBS 43.51MB WMA RAR File.
Crack The Sky is still playing and releasing music, check out their website, buy their CD's and see them if they hit your local concert hall.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Monday, October 9th marked the 66th anniversary of the birth of John Lennon. His murder still angers me, his death still saddens me and his music still moves me. I had a wonderful talk with Yoko Ono at the screening of John Lennon: Imagine in Hollywood and found her to be charming and surprised of my love her music as well as John's. His two sons, Julian and Sean have become fine musicians on their own and I think John would have been proud of his entire family.

RADIO FREE WOHLMAN HAL4 - "IT'S JOHNNY'S BIRTHDAY" celebrates the life of John Lennon with words and music. It is a 320KBS 140.36MB MP3 1:01:10 in length. Made loud to be played loud! As always' I encourage comments and content questions.

Please support the art of Yoko, Julian and Sean and keep John's message of peace in your heart.


Monday, October 09, 2006


It was April 9, 1974 and I was on the 5oth Floor of the famous Prudential building in Boston-the then home of WBCN-FM -where I was a teenage member of "The Listener Line". That evening will always be vivid in my memory because that was the day Bruce Springsteen and Clarence Clemons and a rag-tag E-Street Band arrived in the studio ready to play. And play they did! Check out this acoustic version of "Rosalita" (Megaupoad 128KBS 8.53 MB mp3) Bruce was obviously having fun and you can feel the rock and roll heat that came out of the radio during this historic broadcast.

Lot's more where that came from,


Saturday, October 07, 2006

HAL3 - "Free Your Mind..."

Shit- goddamn- get off your ass and jam with this transmission of the Radio Free Wohlman HAL Files. Church is called to session with George Clinton and his fellow Funkadelics chanting tonight's title and then it all becomes a tubonuclearbabelfunkfest from there! This is perfect for your Saturday night blow-out. Turn it up and start to chant along....Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow....

HAL3 is a Megaupload 320KBS/141.80/MB/MP3 61:43 in length. Made loud to be played loud! I encourage comments and welcome content questions.

If you have never seen a Funkadelicparlamentthang, make it a point to get out and dance with George and his gang.

May The Funk Be With You,


Friday, October 06, 2006


He was bound to make it big. It was 1979 and he had everything going for him - talent, good songs, a great band, two classic RCA albums in his past and a new Epic record about to break. Then...Nothing...Gone... but not forgotten. He was the glam "Whizz Kid", the young american of "Imagination Quota" and the assured rocker of his self titled third. He was David Werner.

There has been no official music from the man since the 1979 tour. When he hit The Whisky in L.A. on October 3, 1979, the tapes where rolling for a possible live release that ultimately became a Demonstration Not For Sale promo record produced by Epic in conjunction with WBCN, Boston (of which I was a proud member).

Here are 5 cuts from David Werner Live (Megaupload 320KBS 48.02MB MP3), including the amazing Mark Doyle on guitar!

What Do You Need To Love

Can't Imagine

Death Of Me Yet

Every New Romance

Aggravation Non-Stop

It still baffles me that people of such talent just disappear from the public view - I guess it's even better than burning out or fading away. We miss you David. I hope you enjoy this rarity and I look forward to Saturday,


Thursday, October 05, 2006


The second Radio Free Wohlman HAL File is a variation of a set that I've been mixing since 1979, this being the ultimate 2006 version. The vision of master director Francis Ford Coppola almost cost him his life, gave to the world a night-fever look at the underbelly of the Vietnam War and burned phrases like "terminate with extreme prejudice" and "I love the smell of napalm in the morning" into our collective brain.

The Original Soundtrack from "Apocalypse Now" is one of the best examples of the marriage of rock music and serious cinema. Constructed by Coppola and his father Carmine, the use of "The End" so effectively intertwined with the ominous sound of Patrick Gleeson's moog helicopters in the distance never fails to invoke visions of the ravaged fields of Vietnam under heavy attack. The flames, the smoke, the sounds and Morrison's dark poetry all synchronized together like some master magician. Francis - I'm still amazed.

"THE APOCALYPSE END 2006" blends the tension of Captain Willard's trip up the river to the camp of Colonel Kurtz with music inspired by the war, it's terrifying effect on mankind and the parallels to current world events. Weighing in at 60:06 "HAL2" is a Megaupload 320KBS 137MB MP3. Made loud to listen loud!

If it has been awhile or if by any chance you have never seen "Apocalypse Now", "Apocalypse Now Redux" or the equally compelling documentary by Eleanor Copolla "Hearts Of Darkness :A Filmaker's Apocalypse" make it a point to do it soon.

As always, I invite your comments or content questions and thank you for reading and listening!


Wednesday, October 04, 2006


When people find out that I've been in radio/music all my life, I inevitably get the "what's your favorite band?" question. As most of you with varying tastes know, this is a near impossible question to answer. So usually I give them my stock answer (and I paraphrase) " I'm a Beatles and Stones fan at heart that went wildly astray"! This post is a perfect example. When I first saw this footage of The Beatles filmed on October 30th,1963 for the Swedish TV show "Drop In", I almost dropped myself! This terrific mini-concert is a Megaupload 93.4MB MPEG which runs for 11:39. Please check out the wonderful "Beatles Source" web-site for a mind altering trip into Beatles rarities.

On the opposite end of my musical hemisphere are The Residents. As much a San Francisco tradition as Rice-A-Roni, I first starting playing The Residents during my early radio days at WTBS/WMBR, Cambridge. I was drawn in by their "theory of obscurity" and their irreverent take on pop music. They were to me a sort of "anti-Beatles". The album art for "Meet The Residents" gave a clue of their attachment to The Beatles, but "The Beatles Play The Residents And The Residents Play The Beatles"" single took the beloved mop-tops and warped them into pure Residentsmania! Both the mind-altering snip and paste pastiche "Beyond The Valley Of A Day In The Life" and the faithful cover of "Flying" (supposedly selected because it was credited to all four Beatles) are at the same time a tribute and a slap-in-the-face. Both are Megaupload MP3 files.

There it is, the answer to that often asked question - ask me again tomorrow - it will probably be different.

If you haven't already, check out the "The Beatles Anthology" book and DVD set and if you are truly adventurous, a whole world of Residents music, movies, CD Rom and books await you. I suggest starting with "Eskimo", a landmark avant garde electronic release from 1979.

More fun stuff on Thursday!


Tuesday, October 03, 2006


When Pink Floyd took their European "The Man/The Journey" tour to the U.S. in 1970, the centerpiece of the show was an overlooked tune from their soundtrack to the movie "More". "Cymbaline", a song about sex and drugs from a movie about sex and drugs, was the perfect vehicle for Floyd to launch into one of their exteded freak-outs.

The 1969 film by Barbet Schroeder , who later went on to direct "Barfly" in 1987 and "Reversal of Fortune" in 1990, was the French equivalent to "Easy Rider" and a huge success there compared to art-house obscurity in the States.

When the band arrived in San Francisco for a show at the fabled Fillmore West, they made an afternoon stop at Public Television Station KQED for an impromptu filming. This rare show took Pink Floyd away from their lighting, sound and special effects and the result was a legendary performance. Here is "Cymbaline" (Megaupload 16.9 MB MP3) clocking in at 18:30!

I have the entire show from later that night at The Fillmore and we'll share that some time in the future! Both Dave and Roger are out with tours and/or new releases and the old Floyd stuff sounds better with each listen, so please check them out when you get the chance.

P.S. Richard Wright's "Wet Dream" and Nick Mason's "Fictitious Sports" are both must-haves for any self-respecting Floyd fan. Find them today at your used-record shop!

Get ready for Wednesday!


Sunday, October 01, 2006


In the San Francisco Bay Area, where I lived for decades, October brings news of The Bridge School Benefit line-up. The charity events are organized and star Neil Young and an ever-changing cast of musical friends playing stripped down sets to the delight of the always capacity crowds. On October 19th, 1996 between a surprise appearance by Pete Townshend and show closing performances by Pearl Jam and Young, we were treated to a self-acknowledged rare acoustic concert by David Bowie, Reeves Gabrel and Gail Ann Dorsey of Bowie's "Outside" touring band. I was really surprised when they launched into "I Can't Read" (Megaupload WMA) from "the late lamented Tin Machine", Bowie's short-lived band featuring Bowie and Gabrel along with Tony and Hunt Sales - sons of the legendary comedian Soupy Sales ("Ohhhhh -I did not know that" - said White Fang)

My wife Pam and I were lucky
enough to be feet away from Bowie and Tin Machine at a showcase for the band in San Francisco to celebrate the release of the first album. The bar was open, the show was great and Reeves Gabrel pulled off a first for me - a vibrating dildo electric slide solo!

In celebration of that arousing musical memory and as an educational service of Radio Free Wohlman, launch the slide show for the History of the Vibrator.

Please support The Bridge School, see Bowie when he hits your town and hit Soupy with a pie if you get the chance.

See you on Tuesday,


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