Thursday, December 24, 2009

Transmission 2609

The Annual RFW Christmas Show reaches deep into Santa's bag for a smokin' set including Paul Revere & The Raiders, Sonny Columbus & His Del Fuegos, The Neighborhoods, The Gable School Choir, Little Cindy, Marcel, Bob Seeger & The Last Heard, Soul-Saints Orchestra, Huey "Piano" Smith & The Clowns, Pee-Wee Herman, Sonic Youth, The Psycho Daisies, Bob Dylan, Lowell Fulson, Charles Brown, Canned Heat,The Thompson Family, Paddy Roberts, The Sonics, Hybrid Kids and Escape Mechanism!

T2609 is a 67.3 mb 128k mp3 1:13:36 in length made loud to be played loud!

"so little kiddies, here's my point, just leave him cookies, and save your joint"


*Santa left more music in the RFW stocking. Enjoy last year's Christmas Spectacular T20908 here!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Transmission 2509

Not being a dedicated follower of fashion, I didn't have a Beatle haircut in '64 when I was absorbing the English Invasion, didn't grow it out it '69 when I was into West Coast Psychedelia and didn't dye it orange during my '71 Glam Rock stage! In the second half of the 70's, I was right in the middle of the burgeoning Punk Rock explosion as a DJ at the legendary WTBS/WMBR, Cambridge and I did not pierce my face with a safety pin, wear a dog collar or sport a Mohawk! It was the music, not the scene that sucked me in and kicked me in the ass. I still enjoyed all the bands that were important to me in my earlier formative years - but something definitely changed. 30 plus years later, the sound is still raw, vibrant, energizing, infectious and loud if you're doing it right!

Turn up Venus & The Razor Blades, Mission Of Burma, Crime, The Sex Pistols, The Avengers, Buzzcocks, DNA, Wreckless Eric, Elvis Costello, X, The Reds, The Damned, The Nuns, The Ramones, Stiff Little Fingers, The Saints, The Clash, The Germs and Generation X. I was a punk before you were a punk!

T2509 is 58.6mb 128k mp3 1:04:06 in length made loud to be played loud!

"this is Punk-A-Rama"


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Transmission 2409

The future is in the past - a nice way to describe today's blend of the old and new. The tuneful time-traveling includes 13th Floor Elevators, Foxboro Hot Tubs, The Len Price 3, The Jam, The Anderson Council, The Aardvarks, Locksley, The Flys, Flower Children, Tinted Windows, Cheap Trick, Marmalade, Bo Diddley, The Pretty Things, Sonny Boy Williamson II, Led Zeppelin, Them Crooked Vultures and Chickenfoot!

T2409 is a 58.7mb 128k mp3 1:04:08 in length made loud to be played loud!

"saving the best for last"


Saturday, December 05, 2009

Transmission 2309

Peace - an absence of hostility - what a concept! We explore the seemingly unattainable by rocking with Brain Donor, The Doors, Toots & The Maytals, The Only Ones, Humble Pie, Terry Reid, The Illusion, Ray Davies, Sonic Youth, Neil Young, Tom Waits, Sir Douglas Quintet and Brinsley Schwarz. Peace out!

T2309 is a 59.7mb 128k mp3 1:05:18 in length made loud to be played loud!

"Give Peace A Chance"


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