Saturday, May 26, 2018

Transmission 4218 - Too Early For Bed


That Special Place

Ryuichi Sakamoto
Steve Tibbetts
The Oimels
Fujiya & Miyagi
Channel Light Vessel
Porcupine Tree
Siouxie & The Banshees
Spooky Tooth
Leon Russell
Mike Patton
Luke Haines
Lou Reed

"The sun is a light bulb
A candle's a treat
The curtains stay closed now
On my little retreat"


Friday, May 25, 2018

Transmission 4118 - Close Enough

It's (Semi) Official
It's Coming!

Orchestre Poly-Rythmo
Parquet Courts
The Stranglers
Johnny Jewel
Artificial Pleasure
David Bowie
Neil Merryweather & The Space Rangers

"I'm doing fine"


Sunday, May 20, 2018

Transmission 4018 - More Fun Than .....

..... let's fill it to the brim!

Damon Albarn &Jamie Hewitt
Djam Karet
David Sylvian & Robert Fripp 
The Monkees
Neil Diamond
Deep Purple
Rage Against The Machine
Jack White
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Bob Dylan
Jef Lee Johnson
Jimi Hendrix
Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood

"I can walk like an ape, talk like an ape, 
I can do what monkey do
God made man
But a monkey supplied the glue"


Friday, May 18, 2018

Transmission 3918 - The Ears Nose

Melting it down.

Elvis Presley
T. Rex
Arto Lindsay & Marc Robot
Fleetwood Mac
Ian Anderson
Peter Green Splinter Group
Country Joe & The Fish
Quicksilver Messenger Service
Steve Miller Band
Jefferson Airplane
David Byrne
Robert Fripp/Peter Gabriel
Bruce Springsteen

"Get It On"


Sunday, May 13, 2018

Transmission 3818 - Cycle Of The Sun

More Circadian Rhythm and Blues

Steven Wilson
Eberhard Kranemann & Harold Grosskopf
Miharu Koshi & Haruomi Hosono
Ryuichi Sakamoto & Alva Noto
Marion Brown
Brian Eno
Phil Manzanara
Jim Caroll Band
The Cure

"drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip"


*The magical and flourishing anchor to the Noon/Evening Suite was the title cut of Marion Brown's 1970 ECM classic Afternoon Of A Georgia Fawn produced by Manfred Eicher. 
The amazing band included:

  Alto Saxophone [Alto Sax], Soprano Saxophone [Sopranino Sax], Clarinet, Contrabass Clarinet, Suona [Chinese Musette], Flute, Percussion – Anthony Braxton

Alto Saxophone [Alto Sax], Zurna [Zomari], Percussion – Marion Brown

Bass, Percussion – Jack Gregg

Piano, Bells, Gong, Percussion – Chick Corea

Tenor Saxophone [Tenor Sax], Flute [Alto Flute], Bass Clarinet, Idiophone [Acorn], Bells, Flute [Wooden Flute], Percussion – Bennie Maupin

Voice, Percussion – Jeanne Lee

Voice, Piano, Percussion – Gayle Palmoré

Image result for marion brown afternoon

**The 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine went to 
Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash, and Michael W. Young
for their discoveries of key molecular mechanisms controlling 
the circadian rhythm. 

Almost everything under the sun follows the rhythms of the sun, a 24-hour cycle hardwired from billions of years of planet Earth spinning around. Humans, animals, plants, flies, fungi, even bacteria, follow such a routine, and it’s called a circadian rhythm 
(circa means “around” and dies means “day”). 

Specifically, circadian rhythm refers to the result of constant interaction between an organism’s internal biological clocks and environmental cues — most notably, the sun, but also many other factors — a relationship that governs our behavior, hormone levels,
 sleep, body temperature and metabolism.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Transmission 3718 - Autofixation

I feel the need for

Billy Murray
Mike Patton
Raymond Scott
Chuck Berry
Rory Gallagher
Grace Jones
John Foxx
Señor Coconut Y Su Conjunto
Primal Scream
The Auteurs
Alpha Star

"Wir fahr'n auf der Autobahn"


Saturday, May 05, 2018

Transmission 3618 - Watch Out For That Tree!

Jungle Boogie!

Jef Lee Johnson
Lee "Scratch" Perry & The Upsetters
The Meters
The B52s
Roxy Music
Nguyên Lê 
Stevie Salas
Ian Hunter
David Bowie
Nine Inch Nails
The Beatles
The Apples In Stereo
John & Yoko Ono Lennon

"I'm friends with a monkey
I'm friends with a bird
I'm close with the lion
They all got the word"


*Dedicated to all in the jungle including George and Dr. Vincent Boombaa (pictured above).

Friday, May 04, 2018

Transmission 3518 - Brainstorming

You think it - I'll play it!

Velvett Fog
Barrence Whitfield & The Savages
Hoodu Gurus
Johnny Winter And
The Beginning Of The End
Lipps, Inc.
Love Delegation
The Tubes
David Bowie

"tell me"


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