Saturday, July 27, 2013


Jimmy was part of my family growing up in East Boston. We lived in a three story building owned by my Aunt Lucy and Uncle Al(phonzo). The back doors were never closed unless there was an argument going on - which was known to happen. Jimmy ...was as close to being my brother as you can be without being blood - maybe even closer - because we did not have to love each other, we chose too. It's hard to explain what living in an Italian Community with my family and friends was like. Especially if you have not been exposed to anything like this in your life. But it is home to me and this might shed some light! Great job Mr. DiPaolo. I still love you!

Hard As A Rock!

 Transmission 6513
This scientifically (out of) controlled study is the result of responses given by a carefully selected cross-gender multi-generational group of impressive Usual Suspects when asked to list the Top 5 bands that came to their minds when hearing the phrase Hard Rock. As suspected, the genre means different things to different people with many strong overlapping similarities and distinct unique differences. The show has been programed in order of the highest to lowest number of votes! Many impressive and worthy bands that received three or less votes have been omitted from the final Transmission but not forgotten and will show up in future shows. I did not vote - but selected the songs!
Get Rock Hard with Led Zeppelin, AC DC, Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Def Leppard, Guns 'n' Roses, Van Halen, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Scorpions, Kiss and Alice In Chains!
T6513 is a 93.4mb 160k mp3 1:21:40 in length made hard to be played harder!
"It's been a long time, been a long time, been a long lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time"
 Special thanks to my poll responders in no order of love and affection:
Kerry Nolan
Mik Maz
Don West
Henry Santoro
Bruce Kettelle
Tom Couch
Lisa LaMonica Moretti
Peter Dayton
Rachael Sorrento
Jane Hudson
Jerry Goodwin
Jay Taylor
Tamara Heidi
Derek Wohlman
Patty Lunter Stocker
Des Rispolli
Ronnie Page Hanson
Terri Sheppard
Lorraine Mucci (who named Alice In The Mary Chain - so fucking funny)
Linda Leather
Vincent Moretti
Tracy Roach
Tony Vitale
Pam Wohlman
Ed Moser
 Walter Anacki
Jenn Carr
Kristi Guadagnin Fitzpatrick
Kevin (Dancing Bear) Widell
Barbara Moretti
Tom Couch
Bill Kates
Tracy Lewis Cassidy
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Friday, July 26, 2013

A Mighty Threesome!

Transmission 6413
Faith in the redemptive power of love, music and you - now that's a Friday night. Jump aboard, find a make-out partner, cross the line and get used by Reverend J.C. Burnett, The Cure, Crazy Horse, Aerosmith, Love & Rockets, Gary Clarke Jr., Robert Plant, The Bees, INXS, Johnny Cash, Stone Temple Pilots, The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Tommy James & The Shondells, The Traveling Wiburys and David Lynch!
T6413 is a72.1 mb 160k mp3 1:03:02 in length made loud to be played louder!
"please tell me how long has the train been gone?"
*I have never had a foursome with three wild women (or three of any kind of women for that matter) and me. But if JC was to bless me with the occasion, my fantasy would be those vixens in The Faith Tones. They were an evangelical-choir trio that performed from 1963 to 1971, featuring the stimulating styling's of Beverly Beecham, Vivian Wylerand and Marie Samuels (my fave). Their lone-lp, "Jesus Use Me" was released to RFW and heavenly acclaim in 1964 on Angelius Records. Use me girls.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Love Bites!

Transmission 6313

Love Bites, Burns and Buzzes with the heat in the Archives making us sweat to the hot and sticky sounds of Betty Davis, Me'Shelle NdgeOcello, Ryuichi Sakamoto with Jill Jones remixed by Justin Strauss, Nirvana, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Def Leppard, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, James Brown, Prince, The Time and Sly & The Family Stone!

T6313 is a 84.9mb 160k mp3 1:14:12 in length made loud with you in mind!

"Can you feel my Love Buzz?"


Love Bites

"If you've got love in your sights
Watch out, love bites

When you make love, do you look in the mirror?
Who do you think of, does he look like me?
Do you tell lies and say that it's forever?
Do you think twice, or just touch 'n' see?
Ooh babe ooh yeah

When you're alone, do you let go?
Are you wild 'n' willin' or is it just for show?
Ooh c'mon

I don't wanna touch you too much baby
'Cos making love to you might drive me crazy
I know you think that love is the way you make it
So I don't wanna be there when you decide to break it

Love bites, love bleeds
It's bringin' me to my knees
Love lives, love dies
It's no surprise
Love begs, love pleads
It's what I need

When I'm with you are you somewhere else?
Am I gettin' thru or do you please yourself?
When you wake up will you walk out?
It can't be love if you throw it about
Ooh babe

I don't wanna touch you too much baby
'Cos making love to you might drive me crazy

Love bites, love bleeds
It's bringin' me to my knees
Love lives, love dies

If you've got love in your sights
Watch out, love bites
Yes it does
It will be hell"

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Boston Strong and Pissed!

I am a firm believer in exercising the liberties granted to all US citizens by our Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence. With the creative interpretations of those rights by past and present politicians, the covert use of inhumane treatment of friends and foes, the ever-intruding  and increasing surveillance of our population and the lemming-like acceptance of these very questionable actions by many of our family, friends and neighbors - there comes a point where you just need to say - enough!
Guns killing babies VS the right to bear arms.
Laws that protect murderers VS compassion and restraint.
The idolization and beautification of evil people VS common decency.
I do not question Rolling Stone magazine or any media source's right to publish any photo or fact-related investigative article. I abhor censorship of any kind! What I do take offense to, is when these said criminals and killers are glamorized for the use of titillation resulting in sales!
I would have rather seen another picture of Justin Beiber pissing in a bucket or Mick Jagger with a Viagra induced 4-hour erection on the cover of this other-wise fine magazine and then read the article about this monster rather than to see the suspected perpetrator of The Boston Marathon Bombings given the Adonis treatment.
Sometimes doing the right thing trumps having the right to do the wrong thing!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sounds Emerge From The Static

Transmission 6213
Like Guglielmo Marconi, I not-so-humbly consider RFW to be a pioneer of radio. With the hundreds of thousands of music blogs, podcasts and Internet Stations available - I believe you are about to enjoy something that is still unique and peerless! It's the music and the artists that give me the ammunition, but it is all in the selection and presentation! Blowing my own horn? - if I could I would never leave home! Turn up Robert Fripp, Porcupine Tree, Hall & Oates, Blondie, Kraftwerk, Haruomi Hosono & FOE, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Atoms For Peace, Tarwater, Hot Chip, The B52's, Eurythmics, Irma Thomas and Marianne Faithfull!
T6213 is a 83.5mb 160k mp3 1:13:01 in length made loud to be played louder!
"you can blame it on yourself, blame it on me, but don't blame it on love"

Saturday, July 06, 2013

You Give Me Sunshine

Transmission 6113
It's an ultra-violet session in the archives with Paul Revere & The Raiders, Dave Guetta & Avicci, Pretty Lights, The Chemical Brothers, Julian Cope, The Bees, Donovan, The Supremes, Junior Murvin, Salmonella Dub, Yellow Sunshine, Satellite Party, Paul McCartney, Love & Rockets and Cream.
T6113 is a mb 160k mp3 1:10:00 in length made bright to be played brighter!
"I've been waiting so long"

Friday, July 05, 2013

Hot Rod Heat Is Right

Transmission 6013
Finish what you start to the beat of Cake, The Rods (Eddie & The Hot Rods), Nightshadow, Jeff Beck, Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen, Jon Fogerty & Brian Paisley, James Brown, Lou Reed, David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Lemon Jelly, Ursula 1000, Prince and Curtis Mayfield.
T6013 is a 79.6mb 160k mp3 1:09:34 in length started to be finished!
"right on"

Thursday, July 04, 2013


Transmission 5913!
On July 4th in the year of 1776,  The United States celebrated the final approval and adoption of The Declaration of Independence by our Congress. The document, which was prepared by a Committee of 5, with Thomas Jefferson as it's main author, established a final break from the rule of Great Britain over the new colonies.  237 years later, that Spirit of (33 1/3) Revolution is still at it's strongest in Boston, Massachusetts! Especially in light of the recent terrorist bombings, the residents of this city and state have always exemplified the thirst for freedom and the power of a government of the people, by the people that will hopefully never perish from this earth! In spite of recent shameful conduct by self-righteous, but par-for-the-course elected officials and highly questionable lemming-like acceptance of it by many - I  am still very proud to be an Bostonian and an American!
Light the fuse and the Bar-B-Q to the patriotic sounds of Jimi Hendrix, The Comsat Angels, Bjork, Donna Summer, The Blue Van, The Insect Trust, Galaxie 500, Bill Chitwood & His Georgia Mountaineers, The Beach Boys, Bruce Springsteen, Hot Chocolate, Prince & The Revolution, The National Lampoon, The Tubes, John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, John J. Kimmel, Herb Albert & The Tijuana Brass, Love & Rockets, Mott The Hoople, Tom Petty & The Heart Breakers, Kazumi Watanabe, The Runaways, Primus and Yes!
T5913 is a two-part 160k mp3 made free to be played free.
Part 1 is 73mb and 1:03:48 in length.
Part 2 is 70.6mb and 1:01:044 in length.
"with liberty and justice for all"

As to not be predictable, enjoy this classic moment from Herr Simpson in Springfield, Germany!

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