Saturday, May 31, 2014

All Juiced Up!

Transmission 2714
The non-stop techno Pop (Corn) is generated by Gershon Kingsly, Cybotron, Karftwerk, Haruomi Hosono, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Bjork, Adelbert Von Deyan, Jean Michelle Jarre, Kreidler and Royskopp & Robin!
T2714 is a 177mb 320k mp3 1:17:31 in length made loud to be played louder!

Monday, May 26, 2014

You Can't Get There From Here!

Transmission 2614

We're goin' up the country with Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Rod Stewart, Paul & Linda McCarntney, Steve Miller, Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, Climax Blues Band, Rory Gallagher, The Meters, The Rolling Stones, John Lee Hooker, Primal Scream, U2, David Bowie, Mahavishnu Orchestra and Grand Funk!

T2614 is a mb 320k mp3 1:00:00 in length made loud to be played louder!

"and it's good old Country Comfort in my bones"


*I neglected to tell you that in addition to Grand Funk, the final set also included U2 - In God's Country produced by Brian Eno, David Bowie - Black Country Rock featuring Mick Ronson and The Mahavishnu Orchestra - Open Country Joy from their 1973 second-album Birds Of Fire!

**Special thanks to my radio brother John Morrison for thematic inspiration and location visitation!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Carnagie Hall Or Bust!

Transmission 2514
New York City by way of Chicago!
T2514 is a 149mb 320k mp3 1:05:20 in length made loud to be played louder!
"Sing A Mean Tune Kid"

Saturday, May 17, 2014

... Long Live The Raven!

Transmission 2414
This show flies by with stark sounds from Alice Cooper, Paul McCartney & Wings, Mike McGear, The Rolling Stones, Bo Diddley, Was (Not Was), Talking Heads, Bob Dylan, Jef Lee Johnson, Gary Clark Jr., Raven, Snakefinger and Can!
T2414 is a 143mb 320k mp3 1:02:33 in length made loud to be played louder!
"Oh, does he really have to die? Oh yes, he really has to suffer"

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Brass Balls Meet Heavy Metal!

Transmission 2314
Sunday morning smiles with Miles From India, Yo Miles! and Mr. Davis, himself!
T2314 is a 149mb 320k mp3 1:05:07 in length made loud to be played louder!
Sometimes there are no words!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

I'm Sorry, Dave!

HAL 58
 RFW's troublesome computer brain is dusted off, plugged in and blissed out by Lucifer's Friend, Lene Lovich, Tommy James & The Shondells, The Lemon Pipers, Old 97's, Chris Robinson Brotherhood, The Black Keys, Ultravox, Slade, Nazareth, Marilyn Manson and Cockney Rebel!
HAL 58 is a 146mb 320k mp3 1:04:03 in length and made loud to be played loud!
"shine a light""

Saturday, May 03, 2014

A Musical Mainline!

Transmission 2214
As sweet as it is addictive, RFW has a Saturday Night Pancake Party, but holds the syrup to make room for Tackhead, Jeff Beck, Gary Numan, Grace Jones, Frank Zappa, Harry Nilsson, Little Richard, The Ghost Of A Sabre Tooth Tiger, John Zorn, Television, Savoy Brown, Everclear, The Gun Club and Lou Reed!
T2214 is a 171mb 320k mp3 1:15:04 in length made loud to be listened to louder!
"and I guess that I just don't know"
* Nova J is the newest addition to the RFW Family - a great pooch and the inspiration for the puppy set found within.
** I wonder why I forgot to mention Everclear singing about that Heroin Girl? Sorry boys, I must have have nodded out!

***The brilliant alteration of a beloved illustration at the top of the post by David Brinley & Jon Valk was itself the illustration that accompanied the confounding, alarming and informative article The New Face Of Heroin by David Amsden, published by Rolling Stone on April 3 2014.

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