Wednesday, July 15, 2009


"I read the news today, oh boy"

Radio stations die all the time. It has happened to a few stations I've worked at in my career. It's very sad and emotional. Employees, alumni and listeners grieve, then time does it's thing and the memories slowly fade. But the news of WBCN leaving the airwaves of Boston feels different. It really hasn't been the same station that provided the soundtrack to my youth for years. I did my last show there over 25 years ago. There should be no surprise in its demise. But I can not describe the feeling of loss. The people, the music and the history do not add up to what WBCN was for me. In this case - words do not work. A true end of an era.


Friday, July 10, 2009


Mission of Burma

My old radio friend from Boston, Jan Crocker*, regularly posts a monthly dose of great archival video on Kino Digital Video. You can find this clip of early Mission of Burma performing "Break On Through" there, as a well as a portal containing a wealth of visuals (many of which date back to Boston's amazingly fertile late '70s/early '80s period). Enjoy!


* Jan and his alter ego Dr. Felix Kruell was a co-host of the legendary (?) WMBR, Cambridge talk show The Sports Palace (1980 - 1983) and a member of the (almost) hit group The Fabulous Billygoons. Find their Modern Method Records initial waxing "Rhapsody in Flatulence" in a cut-out bin near you. Now shut up and get out of here!

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