Sunday, July 25, 2010

Change is inevitable - so rather than fight it - I gave RFW a stylistic overhaul. You'll find the same Transmissions that your ears have come to love, but a bit more stimulation for your eyes. I hope you enjoy the new design and continue to dig the music!


Zer0_II said...

The new design is simple and nice. I like the fact that the font is large, as it can be hard to see on a dark background sometimes. Overall I think you did a good job. Keep up the great work. Take care.


Unknown said...

great job! The music is more important to me. Your sunday morning post was killer. You always turn me on to stuff that I've ignored in the past.


Radio Free Wohlman said...

Hi Zero_II and Misterbulby,

Thanks for the kind words and for the use of your ears.

I have some real fun shows coming up - so keep listeng and keep in touch!

Dave RFW

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