Saturday, October 08, 2011


I need to write down my thoughts - the words are echoing in my brain.

I am so sick and tired of  Hallmark sentiment catch-phrases that attempt to give a convoluted sense of hope,  Fox News (?) style media blurbs that are thinly veiled propaganda and the moronic ramblings of self-righteous "leaders" that react to the dire predictions of our world's scientific/economic brain-trust and the voices of their citizens with text-book methods of re-direction intended to cause doubt where there should be clarity.

If there is one thing that is more unsettling than these people with their obvious self-enriching agendas, it is the stupidity, gullibility and lemming-like behaviour of their followers. In my naive world it seems to be an easy process - the majority of American voters tell the government what/how we want things done. The government listens and follows the voice and will of the people. How did we ever get to the point of elected men and women imposing their intelligence over the unintelligent masses. A more perplexing question  - "Why have we let this happen for so many years?".

The United States was created by people who staged a violent revolution against an unpopular ruling hierarchy. They were being abused physically, psychologically and morally - so they went on the offensive. After years and decades and centuries of "government for the people by the people", we have obviously lost our way. The newest incidents of public unrest happening across our nation are just the beginning of what I see as an inevitable outcome.

I am an a optimistic dreamer, but a realistic observer of what is around me. I see a storm brewing (literally and metaphorically) and fear that when it hits - it will rain red. Be it Islam versus Christianity versus Judaism versus Buddhism, Democrats against Republicans against Tea Party members (who are bought and paid for the Republican party anyway), police against protesters or Mother Nature against the race that has recklessly abused and unforgivably continue to destroy our world. You do not have to be Fellini to finish the movie of what is to come.

We continue to live life, listen to music, watch TV, read books, post messages on Facebook and enjoy our families and friends - but every day it is becoming a little harder to not be awakened to the horror that awaits us, our children and the generations that will inherit this terrible mess.

Each Morning, I turn on the news and expect to hear it.  Just like it was in Lexington, Ma. in 1775, the first shot fired will once again be "heard around the world". No one knows who will hold the gun or who will be the victim, but as sure as I am writing this now - I believe it is coming soon.

The only comforting thought is that out of the ashes, sometimes rises a Phoenix. But then again, that is mythology.

I can not speak for you. I should not speak for you. This is my opinion. You are deserving of your own opinion and how you live your own life. But I have come to the realization that it is time for me to WAKE UP and RISE UP against stupidity and insolence wherever and whenever it presents itself to me. Politicians, Law Enforcement, Lawyers, Administrators, Teachers, Company Representatives, Family, Friends and the average "Joe and Jane" on the street. I have decided to treat stupidity with compassionate intelligence, resolutions and unjust decisions by people with a self-appointed sense of importance/authority with calm and calculated defiance, racism/discrimination with incrimination and disgust and (most of all) to no longer be silent when insulted and confronted by any obvious lack of logic, courtesy, respect or humanity.

I won't change the world. I might offend some people and lose a few "friends" in the process - but I hope to regain some self-respect and peace of mind.

It has to start within me to to continue without me!

Dave RFW

It's Nice To See/Hear That I'm Not Alone.


Unknown said...

This is the most intelligent thing I have read on this country's current state of affairs. I find myself confused, angry, and frustrated by all sides. Standing up as individuals, with individual beliefs, ideals and a grain of common sense or two seems the only way to go. Change your self and you change the world. Be a living example of your personal doctrine. Here's to clarity in your vision!

Radio Free Wohlman said...

I appreciate your ears and support Madeline. I just can not understand why evryone does not snap out of this mass-hipnosis.

Here's to like minds thinking alike!


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