Friday, November 11, 2011

Transmission 13311

I love the idea of an International Day of Metal! The universe of this music as a genre is deep, wide and usually loud. From the original sound of it's arrival in the hands of the builders, to it's childhood and formative years, perfected by the masters and continued by the inspired carriers of the torch. Rather than try and define metal and all it's cross-breeding sub-cultures, I opted to just light a few candles, turn up the volume to 11 and rock out with Blue Oyster Cult, Tool, Brain Donor, Mastodon, Black Sabbath, Racebannon, Lou Reed & Metallica, Sun O))) & Boris, Jimi Hendrix Experience and Link Wray. Happy 11-11-11!

T13311 is a 70.5mb 128k mp3 1:17:6 in length made loud to be played loud!

"heavy metal thunder"


*This show is dedicated to the veterans of all past, present and future wars.

**I was listening back to this transmission while doing much needed yard-work when I noticed a (Wohl)man-made mistake of double-tracking. Consider the original a discontinued rarity and feel relieved to know that the corrected file has mysteriously replaced it's predecessor.

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