Saturday, October 28, 2017

Transmission 8617 - Fantasmic Features

A Monster-Movie Shock-Fest!

Black Sabbath

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Dave Edmunds

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Lenny Kravitz

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Rocky Erickson & The Aliens
Blue Oyester Cult

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The Cramps 

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Rob Zombie

The Living Dead Girl Poster


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The Sonics

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David Bowie
Leonard Nimoy

Bryan Ferry

"So near and yet so far
Castaway as strangers are
This Island Earth
And you and me"

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*My original source of classic horror movies was Fantasmic Features hosted by Feep who was voiced by Ed T. McDonnell. It ran on WNAC-TV Channel 7, Boston, Massachusetts
 from June 17, 1963 to January 4, 1964!


Mike Bike said...

Wow! I remember Feep and all those old horror movies. Back in 1963 I was a seven year old from Chelsea MA and on Saturday nights my parents would have my aunt babysit while they spent an evening out. Bed time was 10pm and unknown to my 5 brothers and sisters, my aunt would wake me up at 11:30 to watch FEEP or as I think it was called Chillerama! I loved the horror movies and spending time with my aunt was special. Thanks for jarring my memory of fun times. Cheers and thanks for your hard work. I download all your sessions onto my Zen player and listen as I take my morning walks, you have indirectly got me to lose weight.
- crackzodiac

Unknown said...

Wow I too was from Chelsea, Ma. I remember him so vividly as he walked across my TV screen on the bottom right hand side of the screen. He was tiny, like 3 inches on my TV. My parents would go out parties while I stayed up to watch the horror classics with my aunt too. It took me a long tine to search for him on Google. I didn’t know his name was Feep. Strange thing was that I was only four in 1964 and I still remembered.

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