Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Deep Listening Music: Volume 24


Orchestranger Than Usual

Klaus Schulze
King Crimson
Aphex Twin
orchestrated by
Phillip Glass
Ryuichi Sakamoto
Bill Laswell
Iggy Pop and William Burroughs
The Mothers Of Invention
The Amorphous Androgynous 


"In Last Chance, you play for keeps"



mick said...

... fantastic music, really great.
you should do a podcast.
#cheers mick

Bill said...

You are one of the greatest Selectors on Planet Earth. Your programs help keep me sane. Wait... I'm sane, right? TELL ME I'M SANE!

Bill said...

The Sakamoto in this episode just SLAYS me. Incredible. said...

Thanks for the use of your well tuned ears, Mick! said...

William .... I have good news and bad. You are not sane - but on the brighter side of lunacy, sanity is overrated! A gold star from you is worth my efforts!

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