Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Transmission 1623 - Post-Music For A Pre-Apocalypse World

Masashi Kitamura + PHONOGENIX
Acid Mothers Temple & The Exploding Paraiso U.F.O.


Excerpt from Mythopedia - "Benzaiten is both a Buddhist goddess and a Shinto kami (a type of god or spirit), sometimes at the same time depending on the context. She is a form of the Indian goddess Sarasvati, and the spread of Buddhism brought her across the Himalayas into China, where she took on different properties before arriving in Japan. 

Most commonly, Benzaiten is associated with luck and wisdom, dispensing wise words and fortune to those she blesses. She is a joyous figure and is rarely pictured without her Biwa, a type of stringed Japanese instrument. She is muse to artists of all varieties, and her blessings are sought by farmers hoping for a bountiful harvest, merchants hoping for good yields, and women hoping for success in love."

The original '74  Antilles lp Benzaiten by Osamu Kitajima, re-blistered here by the Acid Mothers gang, originally ended up in my teenage collection because of my interest in the new label that had already given me No Pussyfooting and White Noise. I was blown-out then and now.

Tonight's intro and outro come from one of my favorite vinyl pieces in the Japan Wing of the Archives   ~Prologue For Post Modern Music~
 the lone solo album from Masashi Kitamura 
(ex-YBO2 and former editor of music magazine ‘Fool’s Mate’).

I highly recommend further exploring the music of  these wonderful friends of

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