Sunday, September 12, 2010

Transmission 4810

Behind The Lead Curtain Volume 1

To celebrate our 4th Anniversary, I formally answer the most frequently asked question received here at RFW and give a well deserved dose of recognition to the act that has been featured on every show in the past four years.

The question in question is "Who created the Radio Free Wohlman intro and outro?". The answer is Yin and Yan. The artists responsible are Chris Sandford - a very funny comedian, actor and former Radio Caroline dj and the late voice-over star Bill Mitchell who together in 1975 scored a top-30 hit in the UK with their parody of Telly Savalis performing the Bread classic "If" which also featured musical direction and arrangements by Barry Booth*.

The intro is formally titled "Walkie-Talkie Sunrise" and the outro "Walkie-Talkie Sunset" and they all come from the extremely hard-to-find album Tales For Heads. The sound of the vault opening and closing has been a part of the "Wohlman Archives" radio experience for 35 years and I always knew that someday both pieces in their entirety would become regular parts of the show that I aspired to create. That show became a reality in September, 2006 with the debut of Radio Free Wohlman which is currently listened to in 174 countries around the world by my extended musical family - of which you are now an unwitting member!

The message, credited to Bashwood Snells, on the back cover is very apropos:

"Today will be yesterday tomorrow......our tales are in our heads!".

The Yin and Yanisms are joined by sounds from Russian Circles, Hans Koller & Wolfgang Dauner, Et Cetera and Method Of Defiance.

T4810 is a 56.1mb 128k mp3 1:01:19 in length made loud to be played loud!



* Seek out the also very elusive 1969 Barry Booth lp Diversions.

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