Saturday, September 12, 2015

Transmission 5615 ~ Beginning The Ending

The RFW 10th Anniversary Opposite Of Go Show comes to a grinding halt with Grateful Dead, Aerosmith, The Black Crowes, Albert King, Van Morrison, The Black Keys, Foxboro Hot Tubs, Adrian Belew, Jeff Beck, The Clash, The Pretenders, The Kinks, Jane's Addiction, The Eric Burdon Band and The James Gang!

T5615 is a 1:09:50 mp3 that you can download here

"I've been half a million places,
I've seen half a million people who stare,
I've been a star and down and out,
I've been put on, sat on, punched and spat on,
They've called me a faggot, a spiv and a fake,
They can knock me down and tread on my face,
They can't stop the music playing on"


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