Thursday, November 27, 2014

~And He Said The Word~

Transmission 9014

RFW - where the bird has you for dinner! Chew to the Thanksgiving beat of The Doors, Steve Miller Band, Left Lane Cruiser, Medeski/Martin & Wood, Joana Lewie, Zoot Money's Big Band, The Rolling Stones, Jim Keltner Orchestra with Mick Jagger, Jr. Walker & The All Stars, The Pipkins, Bob Williams, Jim Dandy, The Hook, Blondie, Paul and Linda McCartney, The Firesign Theatre and the Stiff Records Live Review!

T9014 is a 133mb 320k mp3 58:26 in length made with love to be stuffed to bursting!

"Let's Eat"


My fondest memories of this special day include waking up early and watching the Macy's parade live from NYC with my family. 

After awhile, the adults would go into into the kitchen to continue cooking, showing me "Tom's " progress every hour!

I would adjust the rabbit ears on the trusty black and white set, sneak a few strufoli and settle in with my cousins for a morning marathon of holiday cartoons.

We would then all gather for an Italian feast! 

 Listen to the music as you prepare your meal, then enjoy a few of the video favorites below with your kids and grandkids and watch them roll their eyes as you tell them the stories about
 ..."when I was young ...."!

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